While the Spagnoli Group brand was created with the formation of Spagnoli Inc in 2013, our solutions evolutionary history dates back much further with the history of our founder, Corey Spagnoli…

Spagnoli Group Evolution

Corey Spagnoli Learns to program BASIC on an Apple IIe at 14 years old through magazines.  He feverishly develops apps including video arcade games, text-based RPGs, fake command screens to frustrate others, voice emulation programs to make prank calls, and lots of fun Easter eggs for the high school computers..
Corey Spagnoli hacks into high school network, loading a friendly custom screen saver that greatly alarms school administrators who think school computers could have been damaged.  Corey’s defended the safety of the school computers to the principal with “There wasn’t any danger, because I knew what I was doing.” He is once again disciplined with In School Suspension.
Corey self-learns C and Windows 3.1 MFC while working as an engineering lab assistant.  He creates Microsoft Windows 3.1 analog/digital IO apps and high-speed camera image processing apps.  His first analog/digital IP solution is a fully-functional Windows-based oscilloscope for training engineering students.  His high-speed capture and image processing solutions include identifying sex of baby chickens by capturing and analyzing flapping wings and optimal assembly-line cut position for live catfish by identifying whisker position and direction.
Corey learns to program an 8086 in machine language and how to develop manufacturing PLC software.
Corey designs and programs a custom Windows-based manufacturing stator testing station for his engineering CO-OP company, replacing an AS 400 system in a dedicated office with a Windows-based 486 system configured with an analog I/O board. Corey learns that high-powered magnets erase everything, including BIOS memory!
Corey becomes a professional C++ developer
Corey leads all IT operations with a team of 5 employees in a small startup.  Help desk calls are hilarious with customers calling with confusion about why they need to close the windows in their homes and wondering why the computer comes with an automatic sliding coffee-cup holder!
Corey starts as a developer in a 50 person FinTech company.  He learns client-server programming, relational DB design, Windows MFC, COM+, html, XML, ASP.NET, etc.

Corey starts Smart Solutions Group Inc to provide CTO services to small business.  His main client is his former employer.  He hires his friends for projects.

Corey grows Smart Solutions Group Inc to be a global software/support provider with regional licensing, localization, distributor agreements, etc.

Corey attends first Software as a Service convention in Washington DC (called SaS back before it was SaaS)

Corey attend the Software Industry Association awards event on behalf of Smart Solutions Group in Beverly Hills- Had a blast with his friend, Chris!

Corey’s acceleration into team lead and his business experience launches him into CIO PMO leadership position.  Corey moves to NYC metro and learns how to navigate the Northeastern business environment… Forgettaboutit!